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beta glucan, sota instruments & redox products for wellness

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Please check out some of the wonderful healthy & beneficial products available now:

Redox Signaling

Redox Signalling Molecules in high quantity are essential for healthy cell-to-cell communication. Replenish your depleted Redox levels now, easy. To reverse aging and unhealthy cell activity - replensih your redox here.


(manufactured by Transfer Point) for turbocharging the Immune system as discussed on TTAC

broc on for wellness

BROC ON is the most advanced and effective Sulforaphane supplement in the world - Period.

Cutting edge.


100% Organic.

sota instruments magnetic pulser

SOTA Instruments

Silver Pulser SP7,

Magnetic Pulser MP7,

Water Ozonator WOZ5 &

Bio Tuner BT9

magnesium body creams and sprays

Magnesium Body
Creams & Sprays

Natural Magnesium Products

for your health & wellbeing.

by Mg12 Cell Restore.

Our Wellness Protocol

Looking for answers?  Check out our...

Where cutting-edge science meets holistic health.

We understand that modern life can sap your energy and compromise cellular health, leaving you in search of reliable ways to rejuvenate. 

You now have the opportunity to halt and reverse age onset cellular damage, and restore your body's redox balance and healing potential.

Experience the transformation as you elevate the GHK-Cu copper peptide which in turns activates your own Stem Cells, thereby reverse aging. 

For those who seek evidence-based assurance, we invite you to explore the wealth of backup data supporting our protocol. We're not just about promises; we're about providing proof—because we believe in informed choices on your journey to optimal health. 

Begin revitalising your well-being with us. It's time to put years of research and development to the test and start your own transformation. Your wellness renaissance awaits.

Replenish Your Redox Signalling Molecules  AND  Activate Your Own Stem Cells.

Our Best Sellers

supplements and wellness

The NEWSTART 2 Wellness Program

A comprehensive guideline to leveraging several synergist concepts to enhance one's overall Wellness:

Nutrition - essential supplementation of critical nutritional elements.

Exercise - adequate movement of the body for proper functions

Water - essential to drink pure, chemical free water each day

Sunshine - Moderate daily exposure to sunshine is essential for wellness

Thoughts - Stinking thinking makes us sick.

Air - essential that we breathe clean air with negative ion charge.

Rest - Sleep is essential for our body's to heal, calming the nervous system.

Trust - Having faith in God, trusting in more than ourselves.

About Us

Throughout my life, I have always had an interest and leaning towards natural products and practices (like they did in the olden days).


I studied Naturopathy in the late 1980's at the Brisbane College of Traditional Acupuncture & Natural Therapies (BCTANT). 

newstart 2 wellness natural remedies

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