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This easy to follow, implement at home, lifestyle enhancement program can over a short time, if followed, may improve your quality of life, overall health and increase your level of vitality.

Being a simple to use at home guide, that shows you how to incorporate many of the simple, yet often forgotten things that our grand-parent’s grandparent’s did as part of their daily living.

These Laws of Health which back in the old days, often included one or more of these principles; eating and absorbing a wide range of nutrients from their foods, giving themselves ample daily exercise as they went about their day, drinking fresh pure water, exposure to plenty of sunshine with a common sense approach, being mindful of their thoughts and at a slower pace, breathing fresher air with higher oxygen levels, enjoying plenty of rest and quality sleep, and generally engaging in moderate behaviour with respect to eating, drinking and other indulgences; temperance was a common attitude back in those days.


The NEWSTART 2 Wellness program is a lifestyle approach to enhancing optimal health & wellness through the consideration and implementation of simple, yet basic things we've now taken for granted and or have lost awareness of; some of things our grandparent's grandparents new and did as a part of their daily lives.



The basis of the NEWSTART 2 Wellness program is firstly about detoxifying the body through various means, then the daily application of what I have learned as the eight laws of health.





These principles when followed, may bring about enormous enhancement you your health, to your body image, to your family members and friends as they too witness the miraculous and wonderful transformation that is occurring in your life as you consistently make them a part of your daily life.

Nutrition covers many areas from a main foods that we eat three times a day, to include some in between meal super foods and finally the inclusion of nutritional supplements to enhance and to ensure our daily absorption of all the necessary nutrients to provide our body with the building blocks to grow, cleanse, detox and rest and restore, our mind and body.

Exercise is just as important as it keep the machine functioning. Our body is designed to move and without the movement, it clocks up and becomes toxic, then disease becomes dominant.

Water is essential to hydrate our body, cleanse our cells, produce saliva as part of digestion, clean our body. Today, our water is polluted with a myriad of chemicals and contaminants that are a real problem. These need to be removed before we consume water, or bath our bodies in water.

Sunshine is essential for us to have healthy minds, have sleep, cleansing the skin, and the production of Vit D. There is an epidemic of Vit D deficiency today as a possible result from generations being programmed to Slip Slop Slap… “Slip on a shirt, slop some sunscreen, Slap on a hat”

Our Thoughts play such an enormous role in the state of our health, our wealth and our happiness. This is such huge topic and although it will be covered further on in the book, I will expound in detail in the Thoughts module to be written at a near future date.

Air is something that we take for granted, but the quality of it too is rapidly declining. As more and more people live in cities around the world, the air quality drastically reduces though modern living consequences. Oxygen levels are lowered and the negative charge balance is disrupted causing many symptoms of ill health. The World Health Organisation (WHO) says that air pollution is significant in ever increasing rise of cancer in today's population.

Rest is something we all seem to be lacking. The demands of our hectic and busy lifestyles keeps our minds racing away, not resting for a moment, sleeping less and the toll in increased. We require between 8 to 9 hours pr day for our body’s to restore themselves from the previous day’s activities. Sleep is disturbed when we have electromagnetic devices in our bedrooms, when there is too much light, or noise or to high.

The last one is Trust. This is in relation to trusting in a power greater than ourselves. Whether we call this power God, Nature or the Universe, it is having Faith to Believe that everything will be okay.