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The NEWSTART to Wellness Program

A comprehensive guideline to leveraging several synergist concepts to enhance one's overall Wellness:


  • Nutrition - critical supplements and necessary foods

  • Exercise - why you need to move your body daily

  • Water purifiers to make water healthy & safer

  • Sunshine - why you need sun exposure daily for good health

  • Thoughts - are you aware that your thoughts become things?

  • Air dehumidifiers, purifiers and Ionisers to cleanse & enhance your indoor environment

  • Rest - are you getting enough of the right kind of sleep?

  • Trust - do you have faith in a higher or divine power?

As Seen On TV
Channel TEN's Health Homes Australia

Published on 11 May 2017

Healthy Homes are lifting the lid on the dangers of mould and household toxins with AusClimate room air purifiers & dehumidifiers.

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CEO/founder of the Australian College of Environmental Studies, Nicole Bijlsma makes a very informative appearance and gives some fantastic insight on the topic.

Wellness Simplified...

Today, there are so many potentially harmful additives, pollutants and chemical nasties that have infiltrated into every aspect of our lives. Did you know there are more potentially harmful and invisible nasties in your home than in the outdoors? They are found in our foods, our water supply, the air we breathe, in fact, we are born with some of them from our parent's exposure and lifestyle choices.


Culminating from a lifelong passion for natural, health & lifestyle principles, I have assembled a selection of products and suggestions that you may find beneficial to enhance your own health & wellbeing and that of your family and your friends. Many of the products may potentially have wonderful benefits on their own, but by grouping some together, their effectiveness is synergistically enhanced.


To keep things as close to Nature as possible, will pay huge wellness dividends for each and everyone of us. Our body's have been designed to WIN when given the necessary things, just as Nature intended.

Why not give your family the best chance to be healthy by switching brands to safer, greener, better products at home?

Detox Your Home - Make It Safer For Everyone.

February 12, 2017

Learn how you can detox your home by removing the products that are potentially toxic and are often the hidden cause behind allergies, asthma, eczema, dry & itchy skin etc. Register above to book a Delivery Wellness Over where you will learn about how by switching brands, can not only benefit your family's health, but also save you considerable money.

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“I have been taking the Kyani Triangle of Health pack for just over 2 months and I sleep so much deeper and longer plus I not longer feel the soreness in my fingers from arthritis.”

Chrisitne Glover
Brisbane Qld.


“Since buying your wonderful Naturopaths Choice water filter, my kids now ask me for a glass of the "magic" water all the time - they totally love the taste and feel of this amazing water.”

Rebecca H.
Windsor Qld.

“Within days of me using the magnesium cream and spritz oil, my restless legs have stopped. No More aching & twitching legs!

Vanessa Kelly

Gold Coast Qld.


“I used to get sick all of the time, either a cold or flu, but since taking the Beta 1,3D Glucan by Transferpoint, I haven't felt sick in months.”

L. C.
Brisbane Qld.