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BROC ON is a Broccoli, Daikon, Kale Leaf sprout, Pineapple and Wild Hibiscus Flowers mix, ready to activate from our sealed cap or sachet conveniently in our 55ml shot.


BROC ON was established with one clear goal, to deliver the best quality, most effective Broccoli sprout based SULFORAPHANE yielding product on the planet. It does this by delivering high levels of Broccoli, Daikon and Kale sprouts. These are all high in the precursors for Sulforaphane to be produced.


This great tasting shot is packed full of nutrients and is the 'healthiest drink on earth' with a concentration of glucosinolates and active Myrosinase. These combined form high levels of Sulforaphane and Sulforaphene (making this powerful little shot the greatest form on earth).

BROC ON is the latest scientifically advanced health beverage. The nutrients stay in our patented cap or sachet, allowing you to get the benefits when activated in water!

Nothing else but high performing goodness. Broccoli sprouts are packed with vitamins A, B6, B12, C, D, E & K, glucoraphanin and the added bonus of fibre.



Broc On - 30 Sachets


    • Dr.Talalay theorised that " certain substances could block carcinogens if we could isolate these substances"

    • They found that broccoli and some other vegetables were able to "up-regulate" / boost the functions of human proteins that neutralise the processes of disease.

    • Dr.Talalay's findings were originally rejected for publication by Science magazine, but since then the number of published studies and clinical trials involving the substance jumped from a handful in 1990 to 155 in 2006, now there are 2 or 3 papers per week coming out about SFN.


    • Sulforaphane works on 3 primary cell defence mechanisms detoxification, preventing oxidation, inhibiting inflammation.

    • Sulforaphane turns on our cells defence mechanisms; it does this by activating Nrf2 and down-regulating NF-kB

    • Nrf2 A protein that is a master regulator of antioxidant gene expression. It is responsible for 3-5% of ALL gene activity!

    • When activated by Sulforaphane the Nrf2 protein moves into the nucleus of the cell and switches on these 200 or so genes all at once, the master regulating switch.

    • Sulforaphane increases Nrf2 activity by up to 60%!


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