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Protein Fortification – Muscle Repair 

Grow & repair muscle mass

Product description:Collagen for Muscle Growth

•Wound healing
•Repairing damaged muscles
•Building and increasing muscle mass
•strengthening and improving the condition of skin, hair and nails
•Supports general health and well-being
•Easily mixes with food & drink for a high protein load.
•Hydrolysed for easy absorption.

Muscle Repair - Premium Beef Gelatin

  • Bio Active Collagen Peptide:

    • Neutral taste and odour.
    • No fat or cholesterol.
    • No additives or colouring agents.
    • Excellent solubility in hot or cold water.

    The protein known as collagen is one of the most important and basic building blocks within the human cell. It comprises about 30 % of the total protein of the human body and is found especially in connective tissue, i.e. in bone, teeth, cartilage, tendons, ligaments and in the skin. Food and nutritional supplements containing collagen are exceptionally suitable for improving the protein supply to the entire body.

    For those people in the ‘more mature age arena’ who don’t get enough protein, Gelatin can help to maintain their muscle integrity. By taking protein-containing products, such as Gelatin, athletic people and those who are involved in sport can increase muscle mass.

    Collagen is an important protein source, providing the required nutrients for muscle maintenance and cell growth. Muscle Repair provides a clean and healthy source of protein that replaces energy used in training and is beneficial for satiety. Due to its excellent solubility in cold water Muscle Repair is ideal to include in sports and protein drinks. With neutral odour and taste, Gelatin powder is easy to take in water or your preferred beverage.

    When taken at 15 grams per day Muscle Repair is reported to be more beneficial in production of muscle mass and muscle repair than whey protein powder.


    • 15 grams per day – more if required – in water or liquid of your choice.
    • Will dissolve in hot or cold liquid
    • Keep some in your cupboard and add to shakes and smoothies to provide a wide range of health benefits.