What is Residual Income?

Residual income is relieable money that comes in month after month, year after year. With membership to the Wellness Company, all you do is give a one-time presentation to a new customer, and from that point forward you earn a cheque every single time that customer shops with the Wellness Company.

Once you have introduced a customer and helped them set up their account, the Wellness Company goes to work for you - providing world-class products, catalogues, and an online shopping website; takes your customers' orders and ships all the products, all at no cost to you. Your residual income continues as that customer shops month after month. 

Consumable Products

Instead of selling one-time items like jewellery or appliances, the Wellness Company sells nearly 400+ healthy products like nutritional supplements, bars, shakes and personal care products that customers use and replace every month. As a result, your income from their ongoing purchases is residual and occurs every month.

Reasonable Prices & High Reorder Rate

Your customers find value at the Wellness Company that brings them back month after month - even in tough econimic times. Whether they shop for shampoo or laundry detergent, they can simply switch stores and find tremendous value everytime they shop. It is well documented that atleast 97.5% of customers who shop here, will shop here again next month. That means that as you build your business, your customers will shop month after month. This exceptionally high reorder rate results in true residual income.

Preferred Customer Programme

In exchange for a committment to shop monthly at the Wellness Company, Preferred Customers get a big discount on products, saving on retail purchases, additional services and much more! This customer loyalty programme reqards ongoing purchases and creates a true residual income for you.