TRUST in Divine Power

It is essential that we maintain a daily personal relationship with GOD and trusting in His ability to provide help in coping with life's challenges. The scriptures contained in the Bible (recommending the New King James Version NKJV) are the inspired Word of GOD and can be considered to be our operating manual by our creator.

His word is powerfully true and when we read the scriptures, something happens to our mind, our heart and our body. If we follow the guidelines contained in the Bible, then our lives will receive blessings and if not, we will experience hardships and difficulties.


The Bible tells us that there is a war in play and that there is another kingdom under the command of a fallen angel, Lucifer, who is known today as Satan the devil. This kingdom has a very direct and unseen influence in all our lives giving us thoughts which we believe are our own and feeling and impulses. Most often they are to our detriment.