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Indoor Air Quality
Is Critically Important

To Being Healthy &
Feeling Optimal Wellness

Did You Know that the air in your home and office (indoor workplace) can be seriously more polluted than the outdoor air in even the largest and most industrialised cities?

  • Indoor air quality is often more polluted than the outdoor air, with some pollutants measuring 100 times greater than those found outside.

  • Indoor air pollution can increase wheezing, cause headaches, disorientation and certain cancers, and increase your risk of heart attack and stroke.

  • Health risks are linked to everyday cleaning & laundry products, personal care bathroom products, new carpet installation, remodelling, air fresheners, dampness and molds, poorly maintained fuel-burning appliances and more.

Proven effective and economical solutions are found in here with our AusClimate dehumidifier and air purifier range.

NWT Medium 20L Dehumidifier -
Our popular 20 litre/day model is fully electronic, easy to operate & suited to the average-sized home - lounge, bedrooms and rooms up to 30 sq mtrs.

NWT All-Seasons 35L Dehumidifier -Our versatile 35 litre/day model is ideal for cooler climates, but just as effective in warmer ones. Our energy-efficient ceramic heater allows for effective use in cooler temperatures.

WINIX ULTIMATE 5-Stage Air Purifier -This advanced model includes Nano-Silver Mesh microbial protection, auto 'set & forget' settings, 'smart' dust & odour sensors, replacement filter indicator, suited to effective cleaning within bedrooms & lounge-rooms 
Model no: WAC9500 - (filters included - approx. 1 yr continuous use)

Dehumidifier benefits

     thinking of purchasing your first dehumidifier?

Our NWT dehumidifiers reduce the moisture levels within your home, protect your property, your valuables and most importantly reduce your exposure to serious health risks. Easy to use, low cost and highly efficient - talk to our specialist about our quality assured range today.

  • Stop mould & mildew - Mould not only damages your home & contents, but also produces allergens causing serious  threats to your family's health. Mould thrives at levels above 60% humidity.

  • Reduce musty smells - Lack of air circulation & the presence of moisture, mould or mildew create unpleasant musty odours.

  • Reduce health risks - Mould spores & dust mites are common triggers for allergies, asthma 7 other respiratory symptoms, thriving in moist conditions.

  • Protect valuables & furnishings - Excess moisture can damage your home contents such as clothing, footwear, bedding, electronics, artworks, collectables, & furniture.

  • Dampness/condensation & water spills - Save your home from water damage to carpets, walls, window sills & ceilings. A dehumidifier is a vital tool in the water damage restoration industry.

  • Reduce humidity - Tired & irritable? Enjoy a comfortable, relaxed home environment by reducing household humidity levels to 50%-60% and lower.

  • Energy efficient - Environmentally- friendly & low power consumption.

  • Economical clothes dryer - Avoid condensation, shrinkage & sun damage.

Air-purifier benefits

     thinking of purchasing your first air-purifier?

Our WINIX ULTIMATE 5-Stage air-purifier is world class and is the ideal solution for cleaner, healthier indoor air. The WINIX ULTIMATE 5-Stage air-purifier removes a wide range of airborne pollutants, helping you to breathe easier & feel better. They also bring a very welcome relief to Asthma and Hay Fever suffers. Easy to use 'set & forget' features with the most advanced PlasmaWave technology & air-filtration systems available in Australia - "the cleanest air you can make yourself"

  • Remove airborne dust - Dust is a common trigger for asthma, allergies & other respiratory symptoms, worse when stirred up after a sweeping, vacuuming & dusting.

  • Remove mould spores - Mould is one of the most common & harmful allergens that can cause serious threats to your family's health.

  • Remove dust mite allergens - Dust mite allergies make it difficult to breathe.

  • Household pets - Remove pet hair, dander allergens & odours from the home. Pets and people can live comfortably & safely together by thoroughly filtering the air in the home.

  • Remove pollens and other airborne particles - Seasonal pollen & allergens can cause breathing problems, sneezing, itching skin & sore eyes to sufferers of Hayfever and Asthma.

  • Remove odours - Cooking, pets, cigarette smoke & other unpleasant smells are easily removed using a quality air purifier with multiple stages of air filtration.

  • Viruses & bacteria - Filter harmful viruses, bacteria & other contaminants to protect the health of the young & elderly members of your family.

  • Energy efficient - Environmentally- friendly & low power consumption.

  • Quiet - Extremely quiet, ideal while sleeping.

FREE Digital Climate Gauge with every dehumidifier purchased in June 2017!
Valued at $24.95

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