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Magnesium Products

Watch here as Dr Sircus explains the importance of supplementing with transdermal magnesium chloride and why...


Everyone NEEDS this!



Elektra Magnesium Products have been specially formulated using the purest natural ingredients to deliver high-concentration magnesium salts to the epidermis using our convenient and easy-to-apply Magnesium Cream Moisturiser and Magnesium Oil formula.


For detoxing and relaxation, enjoy a rejuvenating bath or foot soak with Magnesium Mineral Salt Flakes (food grade), the purest magnesium salts from the Tibetan Plateau, 3,000 metres above sea level.  These naturally dehydrated salts still contain about 2% of the other sea trace minerals in sea water, so it's a multi-mineral supplement perfectly packaged by nature. You can also add them to filtered water to make an alkaline mineral drinking water. The salts are independently lab-tested in Australia using sensitive equipment to 10ppb so that you can be assured of the best quality available. Mg12 Cell Restore Magnesium products are a perfect addition to an organic healthy lifestyle to help relieve symptoms of stress and magnesium deficiency, to relax and to maintain optimal health - and great skin too!


We strive always for the best in products and service.  Nothing makes us happier than to know our customers enjoy our products and appreciate nature's gifts in these packages.  Please help us share the good message about magnesium so we can help people help themselves to relieve stress and relax for their optimal health and wellbeing.


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