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READ The Medical Studies Towards The End Of this Page.

We are plagued by age-onset degenerative diseases, and these take a heavy toll on the lives of millions of people, and bring heartbreak to families.

If you experience aches and pains, various discomforts in your body, low energy levels, feeling tired, or something worse. Perhaps stresses of life are getting you down, or your are not sleeping well. By replenishing your redox levels to restore you redox balance, this will support your body to cope, restore and heal at the cellular level. 

Extensive research through PubMed studies and other such sources reveals that there is a consensus purporting that many of these horrible diseases have the same cause.

An Imbalance of Our Redox State.

As we age, our body produces fewer redox signalling molecules each year, and at a rate of decline equalling approximately 10% per decade of life. So this is why we see the term "age-onset" diseases.

Knowing that we produce less of these miraculous redox-signalling molecules as we age, it would be good if we could replenish them through supplementation. Just fifteen years ago, one biotech company was able to do the impossible: produce and stabilise redox signalling molecules outside of the body.

It comes in two delivery forms - as a drink and as a concentrated revitalising gel, to heal from the outside in and from the inside out!

We now can use this supplement to replenish our redox levels easily, and those who choose to do so, enjoy renewed health, vitality and overall wellness.

Click on a health challenge below, to see what the medical studies have revealed!

benefits of beta glucan

Motor Neuron Disease - MND
Parkinson's Disease
Alzheimer's Disease (Neuroinflammation & Neurodegenerative Diseases)

"Redox homeostasis plays key roles in the regulation of cell signalling, development, health, and disease."

Asthma & breathing Difficulties
Arthritis - rheumatic diseases & disorders
Cardiovascular diseases
Neurological Disorders in adults & children

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