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Beta Glucan 1,3D

Beta Glucan 1,3D made by Transfer Point is arguably the most potent immune booster. 

A strong immune system is vital to the preservation of your good health. 
Transfer Point's Beta glucan has been subjected to rigorous studies at numerous universities, and is the most potent Beta glucan available on the market today.

benefits of beta glucan

Beta Glucan 1,3D is a natural extract renowned for its remarkable capacity to regulate and enhance the immune system, promoting optimal performance and harmony.

Supported by over 50 years of extensive research, this immune supplement stands apart from others in its ability to naturally enhance and optimize immune response, without resorting to artificial stimulation or alteration.

Beta glucan supplements are used to increase fiber intake and promote heart health, blood sugar regulation, digestive health, and weight management. 

 Watch the videos below to see how Beta Glucan works in our body, to boost our immune system and return to good health & wellness.

beta-1-3d-glucan immune support by transfer point

Benefits of Transfer Point Beta Glucan 1,3D

  • Minimum 83% Pure Beta 1, 3D Glucan in every bottle

  • Scientifically proven to maintain and improve your immune system

  • Safe, natural and free from unwanted contaminants that could give rise to allergies or exaggerate certain auto immune conditions

  • Research by credible organisations and universities is a pre-requisite for developing Transfer Point Beta 1,3D Glucan formulas

  • Independently tested and certified to ensure the material meets or exceeds the requirements of the material used in peer-reviewed studies

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