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A healthy body maintains a balanced pH and an oxygen rich environment. The pH inside the cells of the body is alkaline while the fluid surrounding the outside of the cells is more acidic. In an unhealthy body, this situation is reversed and the oxygen level falls. This lessening of health is an invitation to pathogens (which rely on enzymes for their survival, metabolism, growth and regeneration) to attack the cells. The positively charged silver in colloidal silver inhibits these enzymes. This results in the disruption and death of the pathogens which are then removed by the body’s elimination systems. To assist this elimination, it is important to drink at least one litre of good water each day when using colloidal silver.


Extensive research* into the curative properties of silver concludes that silver works on a wide range of bacteria, viruses and fungi without any known side-effects or damage to the cells of the body, and that it is safe to take with other products. Regarding the innate ability of silver to control infection, research shows that all infection causing organisms tested were destroyed by the silver ions, including some that were resistant to all known antibiotics... no undesirable side-effects of the silver treatment were apparent.

Colloidal Silver


  1. leaves beneficial tissue-cell enzymes intact

  2. has never been known to have to resistant strains develop

  3. has been shown to be effective against more than 650 disease-causing pathogens including viruses: antibiotics are effective only against about 12 forms of bacteria and fungi but never viruses

  4. is considered to be ‘a second immune system’

  5. is absolutely safe for humans and all multi-celled living matter



Some Conditions Against Which Colloidal Silver Has Proven Successful

Acne – allergies – arthritis – athletes foot – bad breath – body odour – burns

Candida – chronic fatigue – colds & flu – conjunctivitis – cystitis – dandruff

Dermatitis – diarrhoea – dysentery – eczema – hay fever – herpes – malaria

Parasitic infections (viral & fungal) – psoriasis – rheumatism – ringworm

Septic conditions of the eyes, ears, mouth and throat – shingles – sinusitis

Skin cancer – staph infections – strep infections – toxaemia – traveller’s belly

Ulcers (skin and stomach) – all forms of viruses – warts – yeast infections

Keep colloidal silver in a cool place out of direct light and away from electro-magnetic fields. Do Not Refrigerate



IMPORTANT: Nothing stated here should be considered as medical advice for dealing with a given problem. Consult your health care professional for individual guidance for specific health problems. This information on colloidal silver is simply a collection of information in the public domain, and is strictly for informational and educational use only. Information conveyed herein is based on pharmacological and other records both ancient and modern. No claims whatsoever can be made as to the specific benefits accruing from the use of colloidal silver.



*  conducted under the direction of Dr Robert O Becker MD at the Upstate Medical Centre, Syracuse University, N. Y.

Colloidal Silver Nature's Antibiotic

Colloidal Silver -
Nature's Powerful Bacteriostatic Solution


How Colloidal Silver Works?


Colloidal Silver is pure water which contains electrically charged and suspended particles of pure silver. These particles help destroy bacteria, fungi and viruses. Colloidal Silver is most commonly used to promote healing or fight disease in the body. It also has a powerful positive effect on the immune system.

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