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Imagine, feeling full of energy as you did when you were young. 

Able to have a very active day, without feeling tired, sore or stiff. 

As we age, a common factor we all share is a decrease in the redox balance within our bodies. These redox-signalling molecules diminish at a rate of 10% per decade of life, resulting in an imbalance that leads to inflammation, which is at the foundation of most of the degenerative diseases that plague many people today.

In addition, our stem cells also become inactive over time. By the age of 30, approximately half of our stem cells are dormant; by age 60, up to 90% are non-functioning. Medical research has shown that this decline in redox balance and stem cell activity is a significant factor in the aging process and degenerative diseases.

Our Wellness Protocol is designed for individuals who wish to take charge of their lives and improve their health and overall wellbeing. This program entails a six-month commitment (ideally for one year) to replenish their redox balance and elevate the GHK-Cu (copper) peptide, which in turn activates their dormant stem cells to give your body's innate healing processes to get you to a younger and healthier you.

This is a genuine AGE REVERSAL PROTOCOL that can help restore better health and wellbeing.



Replenish Your Redox Levels

Replenish your Redox Signalling Molecules with ASEA Redox - imbalances in the Redox levels are at the beginning of many health challenges. See the links below for further information, as per PubMed and the National Library of Medicine.

Restoring your Redox balance to optimal levels enables the highest capacity for cell-to-cell communication (signalling). ASEA Redox Signalling Molecules then detect, repair, remove and regenerate cells to their innate state of optimal health.


These fleeting molecules alert where there is damage. They signal repair and turn back on what has been switched off due to environmental toxins, the stresses we experience, and aging. They regulate gene expression and the up-regulation of our antioxidants, like glutathione.

Redox imbalance - PubMed (


Redox signalling at the crossroads of human health and disease - PMC (

The problem is your body makes fewer and fewer redox signalling molecules every year of life after puberty, which decreases at a rate of approximately 10% less every decade.

Every disease is a redox disease!

This is a powerful testimony by a man who once experienced uncontrolled, unhealthy cell growth and after two years of chemotherapy, was told to have his affairs in order.

A comprehensive description of what is, and how, ASEA Redox works within your body.  Complete the contact form below to enrol into this protocol and commence your body's ReDox balance.

The medical research has pointed that everything from Cancer, Autoimmune issues (Motor Neuron Disease plus), Cardiovascular disease, Diabetes, Asthma, Osteoarthritis, Skin Aging, are all triggered by a redox imbalance within our bodies, impeding the optimal cell-to-cell communication signals.


By replenishing your body's depleted redox signalling molecules by consuming ASEA redox in liquid and gel concentrate, this damage can be reversed and wellness restored. It is ONLY available from one company in the world, and that is ASEA.


Contact NEWSTART 2 Wellness today to help you open you get this lifesaving supplement delivered to your home, direct from the company at wholesale pricing.


PhotoBiomodulation Patches

The Innovative Approach of Stem Cell Activation Patches. These unique Stem Cell Activation Patches utilise a non-invasive method involving organic nano crystals that target our Copper Peptides GHK-Cu through a process known as Photo-Biomodulation or Phototherapy.

The key feature of these patches is that they are external applications. Positioned directly on the skin, they serve to stimulate the body’s natural regenerative processes, awakening dormant stem cells for self-healing. This method leverages patented technology, supported by over 100 global patents (both issued and pending), and bolstered by more than 90 clinical studies confirming its effectiveness.

The patches are incredibly user-friendly, designed to stick directly onto the skin without the need for swallowing any pills or powders or enduring painful injections.


The secret behind the patches lies in their advanced phototherapy technology, which works by stimulating the body’s natural healing mechanisms. As a result, they can help boost your overall health and wellness, promoting a healthy and vibrant life.


As the second step of the protocol, these patches activate the stem cells in your body, which are then powered by Redox Balance and Potential, giving you a powerful natural healing boost.

stem cell reactivation through phototherapy welllnes protocol

Expected Outcomes With Photo Biomodulation Patches

Initial Phase:

First 24 Hours The Stem Cell Activation Patch initiates a gene reset process within the initial 24 hours of usage, rejuvenating around 3,000-4,000 genes to a more youthful and healthier state.


Users consistently report immediate advantages, such as heightened antioxidant levels, diminished inflammation, and a surge in energy. Experience the transformative benefits of this remarkable patch today!

Intermediate Phase:

During the initial 1-3 months of physical transformation, stem cell activation triggers increased collagen production in the skin, resulting in a visible reduction of wrinkles. Beyond the immediate changes, these patches may also aid in regenerating internal organs and tissues, as well as addressing underlying health conditions.

Advanced Phase:

Active Stem Cell Repair (3-6 Months) In this phase, pluripotent stem cells undergo transformation into different cell types necessary for the body's repair process. This remarkable stage signifies a period of profound healing and restoration, addressing the accumulated damage caused by the passage of time.

Long-Term Phase:

Reversal of Aging (6-12 Months) This stage is not merely about anti-aging but rather achieving age reversal. A significant study reveals that after six months of use, most participants experienced an average decrease of 8 years in their vascular age. This highlights the remarkable impact of this technology in reversing the effects of aging.

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