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Connect To The Earth & Heal.


A remarkably simple, safe and natural act of grounding the body to help Reduce Pain, Inflammation & Stress while promoting a Deeper, more Refreshing Sleep.


What Is Earthing, or Grounding?

Although we live on the surface of the Earth our modern lifestyle has separated us from the limitless healing energy that’s beneath our feet.


Grounding ourselves to the Earth, reconnecting, is simple, basic and very powerful. It is regarded as a genuine missing link in the health equation, something with astounding potential to do much good for humanity. Connecting to the Earth—either by being barefoot outside or in contact with a grounded device inside doesn’t cure you of any disease or condition. What it does is to reunite you with the natural electrical signals from the Earth that governs all organisms dwelling upon it.


It restores the body’s natural internal electrical stability and rhythms, which in turn promotes normal function of the body systems. It remedies an electron deficiency to reduce inflammation, the common cause of disease. It shifts the nervous system from stress dominated mode to one of calmness and you sleep better.

Dr Stephen Sinatra is a leadng Cardiologist in the USA. Watch his recommendations to ground or "earth" ourselves.

Dr Mercola interviews Clint Ober on the topic of grounding or Earthing ourselves.


We are the only species on our planet that has deliberatley disconnected ourselves from the Earth's rhythms and electron sharing, hence causing massive inflammatory disorders and autoimmune disorders.

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