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Traditionally used in Western herbal medicine and has shown to assist with:

  • Boosting Endurance
  • Improving Blood Flow
  • Improves Symptoms of ED
  • Enhancing Body Composition and Mood
  • Harmonising Androgenic and Estrogenic Hormones


Butea Superba, native to Thailand, India, and Vietnam, is renowned for its aphrodisiac properties. Its roots, rich in flavonoids, enhance sexual function by treating erectile dysfunction, increasing sex drive, boosting sperm count, and raising testosterone levels. Studies have also explored its potential as a pro-hormone, with natural phyto-androgens responsible for hormonal benefits. In animal models, it has been shown to increase sperm counts, making it a potential male fertility booster.


  • Take 2 Capsules per day on an empty stomach, can be split between AM/PM as preferred. When taken as directed, each tub will last 30 days.

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