The SOTA Silver Pulser can be used for a two-fold purpose. The first attachment has electrodes that can be used for enhancing wellness by placing the electrodes carefully over the main pulse points on the wrist for about 2 hours a day over a period of several weeks.

The second attachment consists of a holder with silver wires for making one’s own ionic/colloidal silver. Ionic/colloidal silver is bacteriostatic. There is extensive research on silver's ability to disarm or kill germs. Silver is used in water filters, air purifiers on airplanes, burn medications,and bandaids etc.

The SOTA Silver Pulser offers the benefits of gentle micro-currents of electricity and also makes colloidal silver. The micro-current stimulation helps the body’s natural electricity for more energy and greater health, and Ionic Colloidal Silver is beneficial. Using the Silver Pulser takes 2 hours daily for about four weeks to get significant results.

SOTA SP7 Silver Pulser