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"The Truth About Cancer" Documentary Series - Effective Products Discussed.

So many of us are touched by our loved ones, family & friends who have encountered and been devastated by this non-discriminatory health condition, known as Cancer.

The works & efforts of the people behind this wonderfully informative series have highlighted a myriad of products and practices that have positively impacted the lives of many.

In this article, we present just a few of the many successful and highly effective products that have been mentioned throughout the series. The links take you to specific webpages that hold video information to further your personal & individual research.

Lets now take a look...

Beta 1-3D Glucan manufactured by Transfer Point has a beneficial affect on your immune system... its like placing a turbo-charger to it! The benefits can occur in just a few days of taking the correct amount to your body weight. Over 1,000 scientific articles have been published reporting the many biological benefits of beta glucan. Compared to traditional medical therapies, beta glucans are affordable and a safe alternative for preventing and healing cancer. Beta glucans stimulate the assembly of immune stem cells inside bone marrow. Beta glucan also stimulates various cells within the body to unharness anti-cancer molecules throughout the body.

Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP) claims to reduce metastasis and there is much positive

testimony out there. One study with prostate cancer patients found that after being treated for a full year with MCP, the patients experienced lowering of PSA concentrations by 70%. PectaSol-C, is the brand name for MCP by the manufacturer, EcoNugenics and there is much research and clinical trials done by Dr. Isaac Eliaz. Modified Citrus Pectin has shown in numerous studies to have the ability to interfere with cancer cell signalling while keeping healthy cell communication pathways intact.

The Gift is a blend of humic and fulvic acid and manufactured by Mother Earth Labs. Fulvic acid Super Concentrate is a wonderful addition to your water bottle to sip throughout the day. This is what Dr. Dan Nuzum says about this miraculous and natural product:

"Fulvics, when in their proper form, provide the catalyst that allows vitamins, which is another CHO (Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen) molecule, to be utilized and are essential for 96% of all metabolic functions of the human body. Fulvics have the ability to complexation, chelating, buffering and pH effects.

Without a Fulvic molecule active carbon and high molecular oxygen, vitamins and minerals are of little value. A good Fulvic complex increases retention, absorption, and utilization of all the nutrients in food, vitamins and supplements. Due to the higher concentration of active carbons, Fulvic can extend the time that the carbon, hydrogen and oxygen remain active in the body. A balanced electro-chemistry is a requirement in the human body."

A recent report by the World Health Organization (WHO) says that air pollution is responsible for killing an estimated 600,000 children each year. Air pollution has been linked with many adverse effects such as stillbirth, respiratory disease, obesity, lowered IQ and stunted cognitive development, and cancer.

The WHO study focused primarily on particulate matter in the single-digit micrometres, which include toxins like sulphate and black carbon. These dangerous toxins can lead to strokes, heart disease, pneumonia, and lung cancer. Children exposed to excessive toxins are also at greater risk for developing chronic disease as adults. The study looked at both ambient and household air pollution. Household air pollution is caused primarily by polluting fuels for cooking and heating, smoking, and other household toxins.

A clean and healthy environment is the single most important precondition for ensuring good health. By cleaning up the air we breathe, we can prevent or at least reduce some of the greatest health risks. This can be achieved in your home with an effective air purifier. The WINIX ULTIMATE 5-Stage Air Purifier is the answer and proven to clean up VOC that outgas from furnishings, fabrics, furniture and cleaning products.

Do yourself and your family a huge favour and research into these products for your self. Applied knowledge is powerful and what you don't know can harm you.

Thank you for reading my article and please refer your family and friends to check out our website loaded with great information.

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