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Super-concentrated fulvic acid & ionic trace minerals for cellular health, detox, and performance using Natural Bioenergetic Delivery™

Optimal well-being, energy, detoxification, metabolic and biological performance start with healthy cells. Cellular health trickles up to tissues, organs, and every body system. Fulvic 400X supports every cell in the body, allowing every system to work better. Our Natural Bioenergetic Delivery™ system delivers the nutrition your cells need while naturally and efficiently detoxing what they don’t.


  • Supports cellular nutrient absorption, kickstarting vital metabolic processes
  • Provides up to 72 macro, micro, and trace minerals to be utilised as cells need them.
  • Supports natural cellular detoxification & safely removes heavy metals from cells and tissue.
  • Provides powerful antioxidant support, reducing advanced cellular aging and damage.
  • Excellent electrolyte support for keto and intermittent fasting.
  • Sourced & made in the USA in small batches from rich humates, not coal or shale.

Fulvic 400X 120 mls

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