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IT IS INSIDE THE CELLS OF OUR BODIES where nutrients must go if they are to be used in the biochemical processes that support Life, Health and Wellness. THE GIFT from Mother Earth, uses NATURE’S OWN TECHNOLOGY – Super-Concentrated Fulvic and the other Humic Acids – to deliver directly to our cells  – FULL-SPECTRUM,  Plant-based,  “Cell-Ready” Nutrition to  provide Advanced Wellness Support that works well with our body’s intricate design.

CONVENIENT SUPER CONCENTRATE LIQUID - THE GIFT from Mother Earth is now available in a convenient, economical 4 ounce glass dropper bottle. Suggested maintenance dose is 2 – 3 full dropperfuls per day. A bottle is approximately a 1-2/3 (almost 2) month supply when taking 2 droppers full per day.

Naturally Containing Vitamins, 74+ Ionic Minerals, Amino Acids, and Phytonutrients our Bodies Need…DELIVERED DIRECTLY TO OUR CELLS BY FULVIC… To Help Keep Us Healthy and Strong… and Feeling Energized Everyday…

The Gift 'Super Concentrate' Drops

  • Nutrients are in just the right ionic “Cell-Ready” forms – and in just the right proportions, AND nutrients are transported right to our cells where they are needed to help keep us healthy and strong!

    BESIDES THEIR NUTRITIONAL SUPPORT, Fulvic and the other Humic Acids PLAY MANY OTHER IMPORTANT PHYSIOLOGICAL ROLES TOO. One of Humic and Fulvic’s key physiological roles is to DONATE ELECTRONS OR CHARGES TO CHARGE UP THE MEMBRANES OF OUR CELLS… WHY IS THIS IS SO IMPORTANT? – When A CELL’S MEMBRANE ELECTRICAL POTENTIAL is in place, the membrane is more PERMEABLE FOR NUTRIENTS TO ENTER and WASTE PRODUCTS TO EXIT (waste products are naturally produced in the biochemical processes that take place inside the cell). Humic and Fulvic act like “MINI-BATTERIES” charging up our cell membranes to HELP RESTORE AND MAINTAIN THE CELL MEMBRANE’S ELECTRICAL POTENTIAL or ZETA POTENTIAL. When nutrients can enter easily and wastes can exit easily, cells function better...

    When our cells function better, WE function better and WE ARE HEALTHIER. It’s a difference you can feel! The problem with trying to supplement nutrients WITHOUT Fulvic is that they have a difficult time actually getting to the cell and an equally difficult time getting INSIDE the cell where they need to go. …Traditional supplements may be absorbed from the digestive tract into the bloodstream, but that is just the start of the journey. They have to make it to the cell and actually pass through the cell’s membrane to be used inside the cell. This is even true of LIQUID SUPPLEMENTS that are more easily absorbed than pills from the digestive tract into the bloodstream. …AND because our cell membranes are probably not as charged and functioning as well as they should be without Fulvic and Humic and other processes working, the nutrients just don’t get to where they need to go – INSIDE THE CELL.… AND, if they don’t get to where they need to go – INSIDE THE CELL – IT’S LIKE YOU NEVER SUPPLEMENTED THE NUTRIENT IN THE FIRST PLACE! FULVIC AND HUMIC ARE A NEW PARADIGM IN HOW NUTRIENTS SHOULD BE EFFECTIVELY SUPPLEMENTED.

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